Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th: Part III Locations; Crystal Lake Cafe & Cop Chase

For your Friday the 13th pleasure, here's another location from Friday the 13th: Part III. This has been on a few blogs, but I think the entire area is really neat. Harold & Edna's store was filmed in the same vicinity as the Green Valley store where Shelly and Vera met the bikers. Even though it's a ways away, it's in the next canyon over. 

Some of the police chase scene where Chris' van pulls over were shot on Bouquet Canyon Road, which is where the Crystal Lake Cafe was located. It's really hard to decipher all of the areas Chris and the other drive because continuity between the shots are all over the place.

The Crystal Lake Cafe is long gone, and all that stands is the original foundation.

Here you can see the rock wall that surrounded the property where the cafe once stood. Notice the concrete slab in the movie still, and remnants of the slab today.

The above shots are of the road where the police cars pull into after they pass Chris and the others in the van. The Crystal Lake Cafe sat on the left side, and the cars parked on the right.

As they pass the Crystal Lake Cafe, the shot up to the road is obscured by a few trees. The trees still stand and are nearly identical to what they were in 1982.

The shots from inside the van had to have been shot in many different locations. I suspect some were shot near the Crystal Lake Cafe location – the scenery matches. Some of the other shots seem to have been filmed on Spunky Canyon Road, very close to where the Green Valley Store was located.

The last two photos seem to be the same location. The house seen in the background from inside the van matches – in shape – to the house pictured. Though it seems now it has a new roof and porch, it is still seemingly the same home. 

I am on the hunt for other locations, matching up shots and I will update if/when I find. I was also told that Vera's house was filmed in this area off of Spunky Canyon Road. Another source stated it was shot in the Antelope Valley. This area is mere miles from the Antelope Valley. 


  1. Whoa, too cool Jack my good man!! I am watching my Blu Ray boxset of part 3-D now as we speak. Happy Friday there 13th by the way!! Though it is after midnight I know so its the fourteenth now, sadly.

    I shall continue to look for the updates as these photos are a retro slasher filming locales fans wet dream come true. Shall be interesting if you can find Vera's house. Have always wanted to meet Catherine Parks, she is one of my fave original series ladies; too bad she never survived or had much of a career. Always thought she was a hottie.

  2. Thank You for shedding light onto the location of the Crystal Lake Cafe! I'm sad that it no longer stands, but such is life. Being from the East Coast, I've been fortunate to see many Friday the 13th filming locations, and anytime I'm in California I go see some more. I was even able to get to Buntzen Lake in Vancouver, Canada where the Friday the 13th remake was filmed. If you are ever in Blairstown, New Jersey…Let a brotha know! We can go to the original location!