Saturday, February 14, 2015

How 'Bout Some Valentine's Day Lar?

Since it's Valentine's Day, I figured that I would share this photo of Lar Park Lincoln. I do believe that she was one of the better looking females of the post-1985 films and has always been charming and nice to her fans. The Friday the 13th scene has really changed a lot since 2000 or so when I began to seek out autographs from the actors of the franchise. Now it seems that every person willing to be found has been found and most will sign for a fee.

Getting Lar's signature and letter in 2003 was a very happy day for me! 

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  1. Though I am not too "into" anything post Part V as it lacks an Exploitation/Slasher retro slasher vibe, Lar has always been a good sport & reportedly has matured from her on-set fights with co star Kevin Blair. Seems like both get along much better these days.

    I also hope she's beat cancer and yes was quite the looker when she was younger, though I preferred the super-cool late/great Super Bitch that was Jennifer Susan Sullivan (RIP) in Part VII.