Friday, February 6, 2015

Sleepaway Camp II & III Filming Location: Waco, Georgia


Here are a couple videos from the summer camp where Sleepaway Camps 2 and 3 were filmed, in the town of Waco, Georgia. It's really sad to see how quick after the movies this camp started to go to shit. It's basically nothing but ruins now and slowly falling apart. 

This land is now private property and the owners warn that the land is dangerous. 


  1. A big thanks bro. I would love to see Sleepaway Camp parts 2 & 3 arrive on blu ray. On the old DVD commentary tracks the director Michael A. Simpsons talked about some of the land "being all condos now I believe (laughs)". So sad, eh? A big thanks as over the last six years of so these filming locations fascinate me as a big time retro horror fanatic & genre collector much more then some L.A. place such as Burbank on a film & television studio green screen with over-paid actors.

    So sad indeed to see the condition of the camp. Apparently since the flannel clad mid '90s North America's rural division camps for youths & all ages shrink by over less then half. Super sad, eh? ...

  2. Thanks for sharing my video....