Friday, August 29, 2014

Smoke & Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini
Above is a great candid photo of Tom Savini during his Vietnam War service. It's from an upcoming documentary on his lift aptly titled Smoke & Mirrors, directed by Jason Baker.

I grew up absolutely loving Tom and I remember watching Friday the 13th: Part IV for the first time, and seeing his name pop up, instantly recognizing it and being ecstatic. Over the years I had a love-hate relationship with his work and even his attitude, but he remains a legend and an idol of mine.

One of my first days in Los Angeles, I was at LAX waiting for my ride and Tom came and sat down next to me. I said nothing to him, and I just thought it was an honor to do so – and this was at a time that I felt like Tom's attitude towards fans was a bit cold. I even went as far as posting a discussion from Dead Pit Radio about Tom and his attitude, which ended up receiving a million views before I decided to remove it. 

Below is a trailer for the upcoming documentary. 


  1. Yup, I saw that one online a little over year 1/2 ago. I've spoken with a genre journalist that give me a big hint of interviewing him at a past con of why he might not like doing them & being asked the same questions over & over again. I wont make it public but it gave me a very big hint. I'd e-mail it to you if I had your e-mail address.

    But yeah I to have a love/hate relationship with his old school prosthetic make-up FX even honestly in a lot of the retro slasher films he worked on & zombie epics his stuff is now dated & passe, it is important to remember that at the time his work was a full decade ahead of itself, almost, & looked much finer in standard definition.

    Won't be meeting him anytime soon as I've seen him be a total prick in interviews & two friends of mine he acted cold/disrespectful to at conventions that I still talk with but I do wish Jason Baker, the documentary film maker, the best of luck. I heard that Tom is perhaps Bipolar. Best of luck with him if that is true as I heard it isn't easy to deal with now (no lie)...

    1. His SFX was good for when it was, and I think his SFX was done with the lighting and film adustments in mind - to hide seams and difference in color, etc. Now with BluRay you can see all the seams and scenes lighting is also a bit brighter to where the color looks off, and you can tell the difference in textures from skin to prosthetics. However, looking at the movies on VHS, the SFX seem damn good. My email is xscabboyx AT gmail

  2. True like I've always said - his effects were of his time and I used to be heavily into them, I'll admit, it was apart of my Asperger's Syndrome. Although if you owned a 35mm canister of his would be that way as well too since seeing it properly projected is even much, much greater then blu ray. VHS I gave up on years ago though at one point I owned around 400-or-so. I had always wanted Beta Max to win the war when I was little over its superiority. A damn shame the fucking pornography business & some studios decided against over a few dollars-to-pennies cheap-O money woe issues. *sighs*

    Of course he was a talent of his time -- just a damn shame a lot of his work is now dated which makes your heart fall into your stomach as a film fan/genre fan & alas, the fact that a whopping 80% of the stories about him is that he is a giant prick. I believe he might be Bipolar from convention stories about him. Nothing wrong with that, just his condition. I feel he needs to lighten up as well, BADLY. Thanks for your e-mail, I'll send ya anything over time I deem very rare/obscure or interesting. Peace!