Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lawrence Monoson in Teen Set Magazine

Lawrence Monoson (Teddy) from Friday the 13th: Part IV hasn't shied away from saying some pretty douchey things about his role as Teddy in the movie, calling it many things including low-taste, worse-than-B-movie-quality and a shameful movie. 

Over the last few years it seems like he has been lightening up and embracing his fans that still see him as the Teddy Bear with a shit-eating grin. It's not a surprise that Friday the 13th fans are plentiful and we love our on-screen heroes. 

Here's a really cool article from Teen Set Magazine – which was a pretty big magazine at one time – on Lawrence and his work up to Friday the 13th: Part IV. I am not sure when this is from, but I take it that it's about 1984 - 1985.

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  1. Ah yes. He was a notable youth talent around this time, having appeared in Israeli expat writer/director Boaz Davidson's The Last American Virgin (I met Mr. Davidson at a Colorado Midwest based film festival, by the way - great gentleman) and also Peter Bogdonnovitch's Mask (1985).

    He was also on Showtime's Resurrection Boulevard that I used to watch before I roughly gave up much routine television watching as well, too. And yeah from the Crystal Lake Memories book I noticed his douchey comments, wondering if that expression of fantasy violence was "not healthy" & other such pop psychology bull corn, ect.

    Kimberly Beck (Trish Jarvis in TFC) also called like "Like a grade Z film" and Part VI's heroine of Jennifer Cooke that acted all overly excited when you contacted her as if you were a stalker & treated you with disrespect, also came off as cunt-y too.

    Part 3-D's David Katim I felt also took his role far too seriously with his worrying. Fans online I saw at a 3-D screening four or five years ago probably didn't know that, but ah well. Looks like Mr. Monoson is much better acting these days. I have an imported blu ray copy of The Last American Virgin and inside it are interviews/liner notes. Reported one of his co-stars described him as VERY serious back then in the first half of the '80s, even turning down a fuck-buddy blowjob of all oddball things in bed! lmao