Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Friday the 13th (1980)

Here's a really hi-res shot of Mark Nelson (Ned) from Friday the 13th (1980) where you can get a good look at his special make-up effects applied by the master Tom Savini. This definitely wasn't Savini's crowning moment in horror, but it is still an iconic moment nonetheless. 

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  1. A very cool higher contrast shot; truly I don't wanna shit on his filmography a bit too much but with his many stories of being ice-hearted prick towards us fans in this day 'n age I don't think about him too much as I used to since he admittedly some off as an oddball, historical prick if approached, leading me to further believe that his old school/quiet enthusiasm during older interviews, like on my import copy a film of his that has a great quality version of Scream Greats Volume 1# Tom Savini: Master of Horror Effects, is an on-camera projection farce.

    Just saying that his work on the franchise sadly hasn't aged well on my blu ray box set. The linger/longer shots in the uncut version that we've all now had available for several years now looks faker then ever & much more hokey now that it is in such a pristine, wonderful high definition transfer I might oddly compliment. Especially Kevin Bacon's now infamous arrow-through-his-neckline gag. I still like his color of stage blood used & it is respectfully of his time.

    I liked The Final Chapter's more inventive kills plus Ted White's on-set handling of the victims so much more myself, personally, but yeah its merely a personal preference there.

    But also let us not forget: The film was started by Greg Cannon though he left the project and Martin Becker & his REEL EFX team were already going four or five days reportedly before Savini was hired. Sadly I see now that the editing (as I am older) on TFC had to suffer as they moved into a near Malibu house to edit much quicker but I still feel the uncut deaths included as outtake/b-roll footage looks even more fantastic.

    Day of the Dead (1985) I'd say is his crowning genre achievement plus easily Romero's truly last great film & bunch mark as well too. After that? Mostly PURE GENERIC CANADIAN SHOT SHIT, sadly...