Thursday, August 21, 2014

Behind the Scenes; Friday the 13th: Part III

Here's a really cool behind the scenes shot of Dana Kimmell (Chris) in Friday the 13th: Part III. The photo looks like it may have been a photo from the alternate ending where she goes to the barn to find everyone dead after what seemed to be a bad dream, only to run back to the cabin to beet Jason face-to-face in the infamous beheading.

I only say this because she is dressed much like the other production photos we have seen.

At any rate, it's always really cool to find these behind the scenes photos.


  1. Another WONDERFUL find once again my good man! I am a huge retro Part 3-D fanatic so this was another fine find :)

  2. Hopefully a definitive photo set will pop up someday to where we can get a sense of the entire scene.

    1. Agreed. I'm a huge kitch/Part 3-D fanatic like you and would love to know the proper context of this photo. And here I thought I had seen them all & sent them all to you over time that I saw. Too cool once again ;-)

  3. i think this was when she was walking to the canoe in the lake not the laternite ending