Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amy Steel in The Women of San Quentin (1983)

Who says women don't look good in uniform? This is from the 1983 TV movie The Women of San Quentin, with Amy as Liz Larson. Her role wasn't very large, but it was nice seeing her on TV!

What sucks is that her agent at the time thought roles like this were better for her career than appearing in Friday the 13th: Part III, as what was initially wanted by producers of the franchise.


  1. Yeah it sucks about her agent as she noted like three times. I also saw these pics years ago around two or so years ago online. On a past laptop of mine I used to have almost like 60gbs worth of retro horror/Friday images saved, no lie, it has always been apart of my Asperger's Syndrome.

    Amy Steel was always oh so underrated during the few notable things that she was apart of.

    1. I know how you feel. I have folders and folders of photos of various things, too.

  2. We're of the same mindset/boat my good man ;-) Part of my Asperger's Syndrome is a narrow/intense interest in this franchises' early years of the first couple of Paramount-era since they were of the first original b-film memories I have of stage blood & exposed tits shown all the time on old school HBO/Cinemax/Showtime, ect.

    And yup no lie: I've collected a lot of laptops over the last year years now & at one point I had well over (no exaggeration now) 60GBs of old school Paramount-era rare photo finds & behind the scenes pics & advertising from abroad daybills & posters, ect. I tried to send you the more interesting ones. Now I am trying to learn how to sing & play Power-Pop in the tune/vain of Willie Wisely style (he's actually a friend of mine via e-mail & I got his cell number) so for this and another one I use for my music I deleted a fuck-load of stuff, though, as I wanted my computers to run much faster.