Monday, March 25, 2013

Latex FX Revisited

made by: Latex FX
Back in 2005 - 2007 Latex FX kicked out some awesome busts and these two now legendary and classic busts (Lloyd and Chopping Block, respectively) were easily some of the best in the era especially since not a lot of Part IIIs were being made-- at least not very good ones (aside from 2 or 3).

Sadly I ordered a Chopping Block with an intention of getting a Lloyd as well, and my order was never filled. I was dragged along until I could no longer file a Pay Pal claim and then I was ignored. This was not the first time I was ripped off, either. I ordered a Part III bust from Cyclonus a few years prior with the same fate! These are some of the reasons I got out of collecting, because I ended up being ripped off a few times after as well. One of the individuals only handed over a blank (I ordered it painted) when I found his address and paid him a visit.

To those mask collectors of today, here is some advice: always keep a paper trail and no matter how good someone's reputation is, don't trust anyone.

That being said, it's a damn shame that I never got my hands on these beauties.


  1. sux u got ripped off man

    1. And after all these years I am still pissed off.

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 25, 2013 at 3:40 PM

    I'm so sorry that ya got ripped off my good friend--truly. Hopefully Bad Karma will collect on that ashole that jipped you out of hard-earned cash. Anyone whom rips people off and asumes that we're all "dumb rubes" as consuers is alway DEAD-WRONG in my eyes. :( Hopefully he'll get his, the prick.

    Also I fully agree with: "To those mask collectors of today, here is some advice: always keep a paper trail and no matter how good someone's reputation is, don't trust anyone" as well. 100%, bro.

    And yes it is a dman shame--both of those bust look screen-accurate. *sigh*

    1. I am over it, but I know so many others who have been ripped off. Some for substantial amounts.

  3. I've been ripped off in other hobbies once or twice, but thankfully not this one (yet). One guy tried to screw me years back on a mask commission, but I shook his tree hard enough so that my apples finally fell lol.

    But yeah, it sucks that scumbags can and do rip people off in hobbies such as these. All you can do is try and give folks the benefit of the doubt up front, then start sharpening your knives lol.

    BTW Jack - pretty sure Lewis Frye owns the Chopping Block mold as of now. He's been selling copies on Ebay off and on for about a year now. They look as good or better than the one pictured above. If you still think you might want one, he's the guy to go to. I've dealt with Lewis a few times now and still talk to him occasionally - he'll do right by ya. He's one of the good ones.

    No idea who owns the Lloyd mold now, if anyone. That really was a nice Part 3 bust. I have several Part 3's, but I'd still go for one of those myself. That and a Hangman, which also looked fantastic.

    Also, forgive my nosey ass, but I gotta ask - how much of your mask/bust collection is still around, Jack? I know you used to have TONS of stuff, but was curious if you kept anything before moving out west, as I know you got rid of most, if not all of your old VHS tapes. I'm still hanging on to my VHS collection like an idiot lol - just moved them all in fact, and that shit sucked ass lol. I've only sold off a few of my masks/busts since getting really heavy into the hobby in early '09. The only one I really have regrets on though is my Crash HLM, which I sold off in Spring of 2011 to help fund a trip. Still feel like a dumbass for that lol. Ah well... way it goes sometimes.

  4. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 26, 2013 at 1:39 AM

    And I applaude & respect you for being a big man and movin' on. That is mighty big of you.

    Though I am saddend to hear that more were ripped off. Hopefully Karma WILL collect on his sorry ass. Let us all just sit back & wait ...

  5. How do you order from Latex ? Do they have a site?