Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carl Fullerton vs. Douglas J. White: The Jasons

Jason II and Jason III comparison

One of the biggest complaints of the Friday The 13th franchise is continuity- mostly how Jason changed from movie to movie. The easiest way to explain this is the fact that different special make-up effects artists had different ideas on how Jason should look. Double that up with the fact that the directors also had an idea how Jason should look and you have a recipe for change.

Some fans also go in greater detail with their own ideas how Jason changes with intricate time lines and absurd theories how Jason's face changed so drastically from one movie to another. The main complaints that I hear is Friday The 13th: Part II's Jason being drastically different than Friday The 13th: Part III's Jason. In a way it's true, Jason II has hair and Part III's is bald. In my opinion that is where the differences end. Without hair, Jason II actually looks almost identical to Jason III aside from a few minor details.

Oddly enough, I think that the difference between Jason III and Jason IV is very different- like light and day in some way although the same basic design and shape isn't dissimilar. I find that funny because Jason IV was supposed to be based on Jason I, just grown up and Jason I and Jason IV look like polar opposites. Most people either consider Jason IV or Jason VII the face of Jason- I don't, I think Jason III is by far the best design. Jason III looks more human, more real and the face is a better sculpt than Jason IV. I just feel like they tried too hard to make Jason IV to look gruesome and there's too much going on- he just looks silly.

Facts are that from Parts II to IV, which was 4 movie days, Jason changes are way too drastic. It's easy to accept Jason's change from Part II to Part III and even I to III since Jason III looks more like a grown up version of Jason I than Jason IV does- lost yet? I personally feel that Jason IV is the odd man out, he just looks too different and he changed WAY too much in a few (movie) days to accept.



  1. Yeahh I agree very similar but the hair

    1. Very much so. White and Appone said they were basing Jason on oung Jason and Jason III and mixing.

  2. Yeah, no doubt that us Part 3 marks can all agree that Brooker's look in the DJW makeup is the very best one. There's a certain sneering, vicious edge to that iteration that I think wins out compared to all others.

    Now, I must admit I still love Savini's look in Final Chapter myself, but it's hard to disagree on many points you made about it in relation to the timeline and just how different it looks compared to the two adult Jason appearances before it. To me, there's very much a classic "movie monster" vibe to the Ted White makeup Savini did, even moreso than the rejected Winston makeup from Part 3. I think Savini's holds just enough of the familiar essence from the prior looks to get away with that, though. And I kind of have to disagree in a way about Savini's work between Part 1 and 4 - I think Part 4's look is believable in relation to Part 1 if it were the same retarded and deformed person, only much older, and extremely worn and haggard-looking from roughing it in the elements all those years. It seems consistent enough to me. More stylized and exaggerated sure, but still consistent enough overall to sell the link.

    I personally think the best way to look at the varying guises of Jason over all the films is not unlike people recounting an incident to law enforcement when trying to describe a criminal or suspicious person - the descriptions sort of line up, yet everyone remembers various details and certain aspects a little differently. So, as applied to the F13 films, Jason always kind of looks the same, yet completely different - does that make sense? lol

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 26, 2013 at 1:30 PM

    I presume you had a small type-o and meant "young Jason", a I correct my goo man? :)

    Anyway very good/cool post, as per always. uch respect.

    And yeah I enjoy The Final Chapter, flaws & al a lot as one of the last "grat old school Paramount" Friday the 13th installents even if I prefer Prt 3D as kitch film and also I've ALWAYS disliked Savini & Kevin Yeagher's final Jason IV mold--it sits on Ted Whites awesomely large okie head kinda rough and I've always felt it looks a bit too alient & dissimular to the superior Douglas J. White Part 3 look--I dunno, somewhat hard for me to explain.

    I like both but Rchard Brooker, even with pading a he isn't too big or muscular, wer his Jason makeup MUCH better. Also Savini needed to work on Ted' eyes more an to fix his misshaped head in most shots.

  4. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 26, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    Also from a fan perpective, I've always asued that the hours or minutes following Parts 3-through-3D we can just say that Jason even with his limited intelligance is playing it the wise and shaved hishead.

    I mean after all he changes into fresh clothing, after all. He also in previous drafts f the Part 3 script ate food I believe & slept in the upstairs unused guest room, too. :) By the way for TFC there is currently an internet movie database thread on his unmasking being aost as bad as in Rob Hedon's Part VIII: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087298/board/thread/211104708

    And also yet ANOTHEr mentally challanged "OMG, Jason runs in this one!!!" thread, I shit you not with no lies:

    With a total of seven pots to read, ugh. :( lol


  6. You made this point on the board before and you even did an overlay.

    1. Yeah, I remember you and thanks for reminding about the overlay photo. I searched the forum and found it and put it on this post.

    2. I see you posted with that overlay pix. Super cool man