Sunday, March 24, 2013

Portuguese VHS Covers

Here's a collection of VHS clamshells from sinemamkena, from what I presume to be Brazil since the language is Portuguese. One of the things I did dig about the Paramount releases is that they took the liberty of teasing the hell out of us fans by including scenes cut from the movies on the back of the tapes.


  1. Hmm VERY cool! Part of my Asperger's is a narrow/intense interest in other languages. English is such a boring western-Germanic one *sigh*.

    VERY cool! I enlarged these and I noticed that a lot of intersted people were credited, such as C.J. Graham. I always felt that since Jason as an anti-hero is such an interesting central character that the actors & stuntmen always should be credited on the back of the box & in the opening credits and not just Brooker in the Part 3-D opening and not just Hodder later on in the Paramount years.

    I have a female friend named Lena from Sao paulo. A nice Mormon gal. I may show her this as she likes the franchise too. :D

    1. A lot of crediting is first based on contracts: "guaranteed credit in opening titles." Then the movies "credit in order of appearance," etc. I agree the people who star in the film, should have lead cfredits. What happens now, in the indies, is they get a known name like Bill Moseley and shoot him for a day and put him in the movie for 2 minutes and his name is on the front, in the lead credits, etc, despite being nothing more than a speaking extra.

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 25, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    I fully agree. I just don't get ow contracts can fuc over performers in the entertainment biz, ya know? Its so fucked up.

    And yeah I learned about that years ago. It seems to me like they the modern indie film makers just baically just go to horror film conventions all across North America and do insert shots for two days and then VIOLA Starz/Anchor Bay has a new awful film with the likes of: The Ladies of the Evil Dead, Bill Mosely as ya noted or Ken Foree and Sig Haig, ect. Or Danielle Harris and Stephen Geoffreys from Fright Night, ect.

    Such insanity, I know...

    1. And I intentionally avoid those films.
      Like that movie with Bill Moseley called Homesick. The trailer was all Bill, the trailer looked good... bought that shit and Bill was in it 5 minutes, basically the entire trailer worth and the movie was absolutely horrible.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 26, 2013 at 1:32 AM

    Dude man EXACTLY!

    Also like two years ago he played third billed, pretty close to the top billed, like a county sheriff in thi direct-to-DVD standard def DVD movi about a new college snot-nosed bitc that gos to babysit for a possible child-stan demon kid that we got from Red Box & watched and whoa, it was pretty bad too.

    I really liked him as a young lad but man oh man, how he sure has appeared in a lot of shit films over the years. However in his mild defense many of these genre character actors get VERY little residuales from their late '70s and '80s output of films that they originally hsot for peanutes & "Scale Wages" anyway and also living on our two coastlines are 2xs more expenive to live in. So they can't just do convetentions all of the time & they have to take what (amittedly pure shit now'n days) roles that they are offered. *shrugs*