Friday, February 8, 2013

Kimberly Beck's Stunt Double: Tracy Dashnaw

Tracy Keehn - Dashnaw (credited as Tracy Lyn Keehn in Friday the 13th: Part IV) is a very active stunt woman with nearly 100 roles under he credit. She was Kimberly Beck's stunt double and did the infamous jump out of the window.

During the filming of the movie, Tracy had to take the fall out of the window at least five times.


  1. Very cool, as per always. :D

    Part IV had some fine stuntwork, as did Part VI and the earlier entries with all of the infmaous window throwing, too. I always was inda oddly fascinated, Aspie with Asperger's that I am, with the early installments & the window throwing. Once because it become oddly cliche within the series, two because we all kinda expected it after around the second film from '81 or so and also three: It looks extremely painful, with beig very easy to get multple cuts & bruises, ect.

    I've been on a Kimberly Beck trip as of late & this was too cool to see. Supposedly iberly was NOT please that she had to reveal her old school panties because of the way Tracy kept falling, but such is life. ;-) It was still a GREAT stun fall and as ya know, I have MAJOR respect for the men & women in the motion picture & television stunt association business. :D

    1. I think by far this window fall\throw was the most well executed (aside from the Twin's, maybe). It was shot very well and very well executed by the stuntwoman.

  2. Fully agreed, once again. :)

    Also originally I notied from the Deluxe Edition outtakes/B-Roll footage that they originally alternately shot Rob Dior, the Jason hunter, being thrown in slowmo, but I'm glad they went with the quicker surprise in the finished film.

    And yeah the one English expat/living abroad smoin' hot twin was also another kill, some it is kinda unexpected at the time that Jason would have been out on that minor ledge space outside. I always oddly dug it for some reason, and yeah the stuntwoman for Kimberly's fall, did a phenomenal job. I'm sure out in the manufactured rain and having to wear ery little clothing that it is quite hard for most to do.