Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Man Mrs. Voorhees, A Woman Jason Voorhees

Ellen Lutter (far right) at the New York Women in Film & TV Awards
A semi-recent photo of Ellen Lutter (far right) who was the only women who has portrayed Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th: Part II. Of course us fans are all aware that she did the scene where Jason was walking up to Alice's home in the opening scene. This is Lutter at a 2006 Designers event. Lutter is better known nowadays as a costume designer for Hollywood and has done most of Adam Sandler's movies.

Taso Stavrakis and a fan from
But did you know that a male portrayed Mrs. Voorhees in the end of Friday The 13th; it's true. Taso Stavrakis played Pamela Voorhees in the decapitation scene (seen below) and the hands on screen were those of Stavrakis. He was also the killer in the scene where Annie (Robbi Morgan) was killed. Stavrakis was a side-kick of Tom Savini for many years, often credited in the SFX team and as an actor in many movies that Savini did-- as well as many others.

Stavrakis was asked to come back for Friday the 13th: Part II to portray Jason and he declined (probably with urge from Savini, who hated the idea of Part II). Stavrakis said it was one of his many bad decisions. I think he would have made a good Jason and would have been the first to have played Mrs. Voorhees as well as Jason Voorhees. Try and beat that "4 time Jason" Kane Hodder!

Taso Stavrakis (Mrs. Voorhees' hands) kills Robbi Morgan (Annie)
Taso Stavrakis as Mrs. Voorhees in her decapitation scene
Bill Randolph, unknown, Stu Charno, Lauren-Marie Taylor and Ellen Lutter 
Betcha didn't know that the woman (far right) in this behind the scenes photo (above) from Friday the 13th: Part II was the Mrs. Jason Voorhees herself as well as the wardrobe and costume designer.


  1. Ah dude man, VERY cool! I had aways kinda wondered what she looked like.

    Do you know of the whereabouts of the "other" barely seen Jason in Part 2? I mean Mr. Jerry Wallace? I believe he still resides in Kent, Connneticut, correct?

    Also this is a MAJOR Yahoo! News story about Peter Barton that you need to reaD:

    1. Near Kent, not in... however someone told me he moved south. The person who found him... he does theater acting and directing.

  2. Ah nice, too cool.

    Big thanks man. :) I always wonder what happens to a lot of obscure people, and I'm always over-joyed when they turn out to be fairly down to Earth, well adjusted & just average entertainment folk. :)

    Jerry should look into making some convention apperances. I heard there is big money to be made there.

  3. I remember u had her autograph on ur other site. how can i get ahold of her

  4. Heh heh I just now re-read this & only now did I super silly noticed the playful dig at the overrated Hodder, to try to play both an uncedited Mrs. Voorhees & an early Jason entry, too.

    Heh heh, love ya how write bro; no lie. And yes Hodder was a solid "Undead" Jason for Part VII, but mostly sht & difficult to sit trough now unless your eleven years of age & unde and are watching it as a pure party movie with the barely there kills & breif tit shots.

    Dear God I popped it on again last year, the "Deluxe Edition" to watch upconverted on my Blu Ray player, nd holy fuck what a super shit film. No offense to its many lovers of it out there ...

    1. I haven't gotten any of them on Blu. I really tired of multiple releases and figured in the future there will be more extras on the releases and I will grab them when that happens- if it does.

    2. Atually, I lies; I have the remake and Part 1 on Blu.

  5. Ah nice, I agree.

    YeahI have an old used from moi '04 standard def boxset and I got all of the BLu Rays a little over two year ago as the price dropped online so I got Parts 1, 2 and 3-D all on Blu Ray. I must say that I was taen aback by how nice Parts 1 & 2 look in H, and I like the HD extra bits on the making of Part 3-D & the mask from the third film.

    And I got the rest of the "Deluxe Editions" standard defs of PArts IV-through-VIII of the Paramount years. Yes, I have severe Asperger's Syndrome, so I somewhat give into the multiple release. I actually like Paramounts picture quality on their studio releases in HD but they're VERY guilty of it as I am just as guilty of buying it.

    Even stil an entire FUCK TON of great reto genre stuff is comin' out in Blu Ray within a few more weeks. I just pre-ordered the Blu Ray disc for the late/great Charles Pierce's The Town That Dreaded Sundown as well as another obscure film he id. I SO cannot wait to see how the picture quality looks. My hat is off to Scream Factory whom are pretty much the modern-age Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz.