Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Debi-Sue Voorhees in Attack from Beyond (1985)

Debi-Sue Voorhees as Ruth


  1. Another cool post Jack, once again.


    Debi-Sue is a very cool kat, always answering her own e-mail & always answering any questions I had about eBooks and about writing and making a living in general. She's also a damn fine, underrated b-movie actress. I'm not lying. Like her co-star Juliette Cummings, I wih that we could have seen her (as well as less of her nudity-wise, if ya know what I mean *winks*) in at least two or three other notabe b-mvie roles.

    I feel there was some talent there and I always liked that native Texans' voice. :) She also has a unique real-girl-next-door-build & a atural on screen presence. I'm not kidding here. Sadly, what little work she's done seems to be semi-obscure. I'm seen some Yahoo! Image searche that I've done panty pics from something called "Appointment With Fear" and I used to have the Anchor Bay "Avenging Angel" disc set, but I never saw her in the first film as I recall both times I tried to sit through it. *shrugs*

    VERY cool. By the way: Her IMDB listing has her in her adaption of her own Billy Shakesbere as "Witch II" from 2012. Maybe we can all order it online soon enough? :)

  2. Hey Jac,

    Mae sure your Spam filter doesn't eat up my two latest e-mails. Heh heh. I just found some very rare photos of Kimberly Beck from TFC for 'ya, and I attached them thinking that I might help out. :D

    Well enjoy'em if you dig'em! No worries.

  3. Wow I remember Debi Sue from glitzy fast Central Expressway up the famous escalator into the ballroom and dining entertained by the bunnies. Keith Coyne Moira Sheila Chrystal Abbot, and many more. We used to play bumper pool and I would pay her 50 bucks if she won (Of course you know how that went ;). ) I knew she was taking up acting and we spoke about her writing aspirations back then. I had no idea other than the Dallas appearances she went on to be in movies. I am glad to see her career has been rewarding and impressive. Great Times in the 80s


  4. I have all Debi Sue Voorhees films, but Attack from Beyond (1985) can't find it anywhere or even mention on IMDB...

    Where did U get this info?


    My Debi Sue Voorhees YouTube Channel: