Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Debi-Sue Voorhees in Attack from Beyond (1985)

Debi-Sue Voorhees as Ruth


  1. Another cool post Jack, once again.


    Debi-Sue is a very cool kat, always answering her own e-mail & always answering any questions I had about eBooks and about writing and making a living in general. She's also a damn fine, underrated b-movie actress. I'm not lying. Like her co-star Juliette Cummings, I wih that we could have seen her (as well as less of her nudity-wise, if ya know what I mean *winks*) in at least two or three other notabe b-mvie roles.

    I feel there was some talent there and I always liked that native Texans' voice. :) She also has a unique real-girl-next-door-build & a atural on screen presence. I'm not kidding here. Sadly, what little work she's done seems to be semi-obscure. I'm seen some Yahoo! Image searche that I've done panty pics from something called "Appointment With Fear" and I used to have the Anchor Bay "Avenging Angel" disc set, but I never saw her in the first film as I recall both times I tried to sit through it. *shrugs*

    VERY cool. By the way: Her IMDB listing has her in her adaption of her own Billy Shakesbere as "Witch II" from 2012. Maybe we can all order it online soon enough? :)

  2. Hey Jac,

    Mae sure your Spam filter doesn't eat up my two latest e-mails. Heh heh. I just found some very rare photos of Kimberly Beck from TFC for 'ya, and I attached them thinking that I might help out. :D

    Well enjoy'em if you dig'em! No worries.