Thursday, January 3, 2013

Savini and Buechler Spottings

So, living close to Los Angeles I get to see some of the legendary Friday the 13th filming locations on Topanga Canyon Blvd, Green Valley, Newhall and Saugus. But I also see some people from the films from time to time. Here are a couple interesting sightings I had recently. I saw John Carl Buechler (SFX; Friday the 13th: Part VII) in Starbucks in North Hollywood and Tom Savini (SFX; Friday the 13th: Part IV) at LAX when I was arriving in LA.

I attempted to speak to Savini, and he got up, pulled out his cell phone and (probably) acted like he had a call. I don't blame him for not wanting to be bothered at LAX-- that airport is hell. But at the same time, all he had to do was shake my hand and I would have left him be.

This photo says it all.

If you want to step back in time, you can check out this post I made years ago: Savini: Misanthrope or Misunderstood to see where I came to this conclusion.

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  1. From those two photos I see:

    An increasingly sedentary lifefstyle processed food over-eating them superior F/X make up artist though a VERY limited in visit an hack-ish director of a lot of bad early '90s straight to VHS movies and one of the lessor & overrated Paramount Pictures issued Friday installments. HOWEVER, I'll say that from his CLMs book interview and his standard def DVD interivews & commentary tracks, I enjoy his neb-ish voice and none-too-serious demeanor of in his words a "failed sci-fi genre author whom made it" shooting smoe movies & having his own notable F/X studio for what it is.

    I REALLY like his boodshed in the theatrical cut of Halloween 6 a bit more, though, as well s what little was shot for the vast superior H4, too. Halloween's 5 & 6 I have to agree with you start out fine enough but then quickly turn into PURE SHIT--not much unlike the quite pure stinking shit its self Friday the 13th Part VII, as well.

    I also see in that photo as social phobic, taking himself and his craft pretty damn seriously when he shouldn't these days prick-ish former actor & stuntman & make-up F/X artist with an FX make-up school. Meh, no big loss that he got up from ya, bro. From what I keep hearing over the years your very breif encounter is pretty much on par with ANY genre fan & ife time collector of genre memorabelia pretty much meeting him, sadly. :(