Friday, January 4, 2013

Saffron, Where Art Thou

Saffron Henderson (Friday the 13th: part VIII) played my favorite character in the movie and was a movie crush for me for a very long time. She had a role in the Fly II about the same time Jason Takes Manhattan came out. Since then she has become a very popular voice-over actress doing films such as Dragon Ballz, X-Men (TV), Robocop (TV) and many video games. But not a lot of people know that she is indeed a singer (her music can be found on her website) and comes from a family of singers.

Her blog Your Average Diabetic Vegetarian Singer is very entertaining, too.

Saffron Henderson as J.J. in Friday the 13th: Part VIII
Behind the scenes of Friday the 13th: Part VIII


  1. Jason takes manhatten was so bad but i loved her character

  2. out of all of the later late '80s decade, overrated Hodder era films, I can oddly enough watch the first half of Jason Takes Manhatten with its then medium-budget, generic Canadian charms. The movie, having recently looked over it again upconverted on my Blu Ray player it isn't that much and is largely a mis-casted oppertunity but I do respect some of its "taking the character of Jason out of Crystal Lake" ideas, even if we all knew that it wouldn't have worked.

    I must say that all of the Canadian actresses are all quite hot in that one, including the Hawaii-born 'n bred hottie and future star Kelly Hu. Yeah, some of the hair is damn-sure fuckin' scarier then the overrated Kane Hodder but I always loved her a lot, plus Kelly (at the time a former Miss Teen Hawaii--she joins part 3's Catherine Parks as a former Miss Teen America contestant, by the way) and also the luscious blonde typical soon-to-be-dead coke snorting prm queen cunt played by Sherlene Martin.

    Even the opening victim of the Suzi Donaldson character whom went on to become a screen writer years later, as delicious in that all-to-short opening. And it wasn't a bad opening for its time period; I just hate how Jason HAD to be brought back via retroscope optical lightening as we had seen that already done slightly better two movies before it in Part VI. And I fucking LOATHE how Jason got his new yellow-tinted hock from Jim Miller, but hey, he had to get it under some new silly circumstances & so be it.

    Anyway very hot gal. Quite the looker to this day, too. :)

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