Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deborah "Debi-Sue" Voorhees Selling Nude Pics to Fund UK Visit

from: Misty Moon
Since a good majority of the hits on this blog come here from a keyword associated with Deborah (Debisue) Voorhees (no kidding, there's a lot) I wanted to give her a nice plug. These old photos of Deborah are downright stunning and a must have for any fan.

Not only are they very limited edition (150), but come signed by Deborah.

Deborah Voorhees, who starred in the raunchy Friday The 13th Part 5, had the photos taken when she was 19 and considering a career as a Playboy model. She had a change of heart and locked the photos away. Now, more than three decades later, the 50-year-old is selling limited edition prints at the Misty Moon Gallery at the Ladywell Tavern in Ladywell. [...] 
“A few people had suggested that I should do a centrefold, so I had some photos taken and sent them off to the Playboy office in Chicago.”

Playboy was smitten with the sexy Texan, so flew her out to Chicago for a test shoot. But, after discussing it with her agent, Deborah decided not to go any further with the porn empire. 
She said: “Hollywood is a funny place. On the one hand, nudity is fine, but if you do too much then you can get typecast. “Because there was quite a lot of nudity required of my role in Friday The 13th, we basically felt there had to be a choice between doing that and the centrefold.” from: Misty Moon
from: Misty Moon


  1. Hey Jack, it's your ole pal Brandon. Yeah I got bored with Facebook so I decided to return to obscurity. I'm SO glad that your retro Friday franchise site is back & revaped now, thouugh. VERY cool! Anyway I love the first five more Epoitation-style Friday installments the most. I'm not as into the quirky & eccentric Part V as much as I was as a young lad but I still dig & respect it; it gets shit on needlessly when its low grade acting is no worse then other Paramount installments of even New Line Cinema ones and it has a few of its own merits.

    And I've e-mailed Deborah Sue before about my eBook ideas. She is an AWESOME person. I'm not lying like any when I say that I once had a BIG time old school VHS rental days scream queen mini crush on her and yes, the more pervy side of me hopes that these photos surface online. Also the article should have mentioned that she was sadly also fired from her New Mexico (her new hoe now) teaching position when students began "sexting" (as in texting her "tit shots", her own words now mine) during class & afterwards. I love this country & hae Faith but we're WAY too uptight, almost old school purtanical still about harmless sex. Anyway I CANNOT WAIT to maybe see these photos one day! :D