Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rachel Howard Today

We all loved her as the bong-toking Chili in Friday the 13th: Part III. Today she still has the same beautiful hazel eyes and killer chiseled smile. I personally feel she is a greatly underrated Friday the 13th girl and is generally passed over because of her not-so-amazing hair style in the movie. In my opinion, she was one of the best looking girls in the franchise.

Rachel Howard in Friday the 13th: Part III


  1. She's very beautiful for her age. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Yeah, I've always had my playful cinematic school yar crushes on the entire female Part 3-D (1982) cast.

    I fee that Dana Kimmell & Trci Savage look pretty hot to this day, as well as Ms. Teen Florida runner-up notable heart breaker Catherine Parks. The lovely femae biker too looks goo to this day as we saw from the His Name Was Jason doc special features of returning to the Saugus Movie Ranch location, too.

    I fee that them and The Final Chapter girls have aged the best. I was looking over and since both my Blu Ray player in my master bedroom & my laptop's player are region-free I might get this French language film (I'm a large Francophile anyway) with Tina & Camilla More from Part IV. Third Party sellers have it on there. I always thought that the casting people for Part's 2, 3-D & IV (TFC) did a damn good job.

    Also the Part 2 gals have aged remarkably well, too (Amy Steel/Marta Kober/Kirsten Baker) also desurve our fanboy lovers & collectors of the series (franchie) kudos as well for aging fairly gracefully.

    Rachel Howard was reportedly they told me back when I was on Facebook contacted at leat three different times to appear in the up coming Crystal Lake Memroies overly long documentary about the franchise but she reportedly hates the film & will not talk about one of her onlyn otable roles. A damn shame. And for the record I didn't mind her tight "mom jeans" with a nice, noticable wiggle (heh heh) in it or her period early '80s hair. Oddly enough her on-screen aging hippie lover/boyfriend whom played Chuck also stated in the CLMs book that he thinks the film is worse then adult film (porn) too and he too thinks that it is shit. :(

    Too bad. I love it kitch factor & its still odd ball scariness factor, too. I wish that Steve Minor had directed at least one more of the franchise. He's films are nice North American rural commuinity shot old school slashers, successful at what they set out to achieve. She looks quite lovely for her age.

    1. I was told the same by her; she told me that it was a mistake and goes against what she believes in today.


  3. To the Anonymous up above: Oh really now?

    Yeah during my brief time on Facebook the makers of the up-coming Crystal Lake Memories documentary said that she was seriously contacted roughly three times, and all three times she stated that she loathes the film and no amount of pay will likely ever get her to talk about it.

    Reportedly before she passed away in the Fall of '04 Part 1's Laurie Bartram became born-again & refused to ever talk about it because it is hard R-rated for its time and has a lot of stage blood of course & ass shots and viscual violence for its time, ect. It is a damn shame. I have Faith too myself (am still a devout Catholic to this day for notable reasons) and I sometimes wonder what others have againt escapist violence; it does not lead to anything, statistics have shown & after all it is merely Entertainment--another artform such as music and theatre work on stage, ect. Anyway we all must respect her wishes but I must say to this day she looks quite lovely to my eyes form that photo up above & I really don't feel that she has any real reason to be embarrassed. I've noticed that our country TRULY sometimes loathes the b-film industry in which we have produced notable works for, almost as if it is pure Pornography, and I don't understand why. John Carpenter once said it best: "I am a notable genre writer/director--in American terms, I am only one step up above form being a noted Pornographer, no offense meant to any of us". :(

  4. It totally depends on the person. John Sheppard was in His name was Jason and he a born again Christian