Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beyond Horror Design's Friday the 13th Grindhouse Posters

Here are some Friday the 13th posters Beyond Horror Design made up. They do commissioned work and have an entire blog of projects including many classics, Grindhouse, video nasties and exploitation films.

Most Horror film fans have fond memories from their youth of not only the films themselves but the marketing behind them. To entice people to see their films in theaters or pick up their videos, companies would adorn their posters or video tapes with graphically violent and/or salacious art depicting the contents of the film (and more often than not, the art was much better than the movie!).  
 My aim with Beyond Horror Design is to tap into that marketing strategy, while giving fellow horror fans what they want, be it incredibly lurid and provocative artwork or to feature memorable scenes from their favourite movies - with the odd dash of humour along the way.
All of the posters are property of Beyond Horror Design.


  1. Thanks scabby, always been a fan of your blogs.

  2. They're very cool posters, indeed.

    Gotta love & respect anything retro. :)

  3. Is it possible to purchase any of these?