Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joan Freeman CEO of Suicide Prevention House

Joan Freeman at Pieta House
Most of us diehard fans knew that Joan Freeman (Friday the 13th: Part IV) was living in Ireland, but did we know what she was doing there. Apparently, she is the CEO (and founder) of a suicide crisis and self-harm prevention group called Pieta House in Limerick, Ireland.

I found a great article on the house and how it offers its services free of charge.

Pieta House is now asking people to reach out within their communities and organize a fundraising event during Suicide Awareness Week, which runs until Monday next, September 17. 
A total of 33 people took their own lives in Limerick last year, according to official figures, but the real number is expected to be much higher, due to the number of suicides which go unrecorded.

Pieta House provides its services free of charge and, as 80% of its funding comes from public donations, fundraising events are vital to ensure that the organisation can cope with the increasing numbers seeking help.

“We’re hoping that the fundraising events taking place around the country during Suicide Awareness Week will help increase public awareness of the unique service we provide,” said Joan Freeman, CEO and founder of Pieta House.

I do know that she does sign autographs. She signed one for me in 2003! She is definitely a great human being for giving back in such a way.

Joan Freeman in Friday the 13th: Part IV

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