Friday, December 21, 2012

Two for Part II

You thought the Part II poster from Turkey was great; there's a better one from Thailand. This one even has Jeff and Sandra getting busy... I am assuming that's who it is. Maybe it is Mark and Vicky!

This one is a fan-edit by, and I approve of this one.


  1. Whoa, VERY cool! I have several Thai friends for this Farang (litterally a western/Caucasian-skinned 'foreigner'). Part of my severe Asperger's Syndrome, aside from my quite obvious interest in retro horror films or the artform of Cinema in general, is a narrow/intense interest in foreigner languages & with having e-pals/penpals via e-mail and also a ton on Skype to video & audio chat with.

    I really wish that greater North America would drop its Xenophonic ways towards Asia. It is SUCH a beautiful continent, flaws of sub-saharan style poverty of Africa-like aside in many locales, an Asians are probably my favorite group of people on Earth. Also Russians & Ukrainians. Icount many among them as my good/close friends via e-mail & audio talking on Skype. I love them all with every fiber of my being & heart. They're also some of the most overly kind, truly friendly & kind-hearted old school type folks (as in people in general) that I've ever communicated with via any form of media.

    I LOVE this rare Thai poster. It really cuts to the heart & old school slahsher-ific (if that is even a word/phrase) of what all Steve Miner's Part 2 (1981) is all about. And yeah the pervy side of me just plain loves that unabashed & playfully shamless fuckig/love making (however you chose to say it, lets all be adults here) scene of what I presume is suppsoed to be Jeff & Sandra's characters.

    Much respect for un-earthing this my ole friend. :)

  2. And whoa, I just now noticed now: In the backgorund there is a nice quite obvious rip off to the previous year old before it William Lustig's operatically sleazy Maniac.

    THe same style of jeans and all, only it is holding an axe as per Part 2's English language North American style posters & lobby cards. Very cool! :D Neat.