Friday, December 21, 2012

News Archive: John Sherrod's Death

Ted White and John Sherrod filming 
A lot of times I have seen John Sherrod's death noted as a stunt accident on set. However, I did find out that it was not true. John Sherrod, stuntman and stunt coordinator in Friday The 13th III, IV and V, was killed in an automobile accident.

Stuntman Killed in Head-On Collision
April 25, 1990
A pickup truck drifted into oncoming traffic in Agua Dulce and was struck head-on by a semitrailer truck Tuesday, killing an Agua Dulce man who had survived years of work as a film stuntman, the California Highway Patrol reported.

John Sherrod, 47, was killed on impact in the accident at 7:25 a.m. on Agua Dulce Canyon Road, about a mile north of the Antelope Valley Freeway, CHP Officer A. J. Torres said.


  1. I didn't even know he had passed. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, they mentioned him on the old Part 3-D boxset cast reunion commentary track. I always loved that one, by the way.

    And of ocurse in the Deluxe Edition of The Final Chapter there he is of course, too. May he truly RIP. As I've said before many good, respectible brave men women & couples that are brave trained martial artists & assorted stuntmen & women desurve credit for their work in film & television. They're easily the most unsung heroes of the 35mm film & television industry, right up there with the multi-talented voice over artists. But stuntmen & stuntwomen have to risk their lives, and even in this so-called "modern" high-def CGI laden age stuntmen & stuntwomen CAN lose their lives, sadly. On the Rob Cohen directed xXX with Vin Diesel & Asia Argento a stuntman broke his neck & died on the stunt in which the Xandier Cage character has to zipline down towards a bridge in the Czech Republic. Oh-so-tragic. Also a stuntman died a few years ago on another mainstream action series/franchise that I forgot and production had to be shot down for two days.

    It is all so tragic but such is life. Hope that they're happy in the next much-less-bickering world. :(