Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jason Was My Son...

Connie Hogan and Marilyn Poucher, two people asked to fill in for Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th Parts II and III respectively. Both have had very successful lives outside of the genre.


  1. Whoa, whom knew that the lovely Ms. Connie Hogan under that prosthetic facial mask that we've all seen in the CLMs book was quite the modern day MILF-Y hottie? Much respect to her. I wih that the wink was left in, though. No matter how operatically cheesy and out ofl eftf ieldt hat it was it better helpped to signify that Paul had indeed been killed as Jason's last victim of the previous evening, as per aways scripted & intended.

    And it was nice seeing Marilyn in the mostly lame His Name Was Jason doc, too. he used to freak me out as a young lad.

    1. She is good looking, but that photo is an old one. Not sure how old, but I think 10+ years old.

  2. Ugh, I am cringing up what I wrote up above now this evening before my dinner & work-out break. Stupid MacBook keyboard, ugh. lmao

    Ah well.

    And so it is an older photo, eh? Regardless I'm sure she is still fairly attractive now. A big thanks for the clear-up. :) Truly! And yeah I wish that wink had been left in. As of now in Part 2, the film, there is somethin' quite missing with that routine stop/freeze-frame ending and a wink would have somewhat helped it, I feel.

    Well at least we both know that she was good looking over ten years ago, heh heh. :D I am the type that indeed I love & respect stunning females but I also much more like North America's much more "obtainable, above-average eight or nine or so out of a possibly every-day-ten" type level of hotness. Like for example a lot of the early Friday the 13th film heroines have that hotness on film that reads on 35mm but are more obtainable looking to our continents' men then let us say a stereotypical model-perfect young Angelina Jolie type or a young '90s Jennifer Connelly type whom I used to REALLY love.

    Very few of us, without total super hunky looks & a fuck-ton of money could EVER pull off getting some ass like that. But I love a lot of the Friday franchie gals. Again much respect for finding those rare pics my good man. Peace.