Saturday, December 22, 2012

Juliette Cummins' Message to Psycho Fans!

At nearly 50 years old, Juliette is still beautiful. She's a very kind woman whose a proud owner of a pet wolf! How cool is that? Apparently she still lives in the California area, teaches Spanish at Reedley High School and makes convention appearances from time to time.

Since I am on Juliette, here's (below) a clip from the Psycho Legacy documentary speaking about her role in Psycho III.

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  1. Ah VERY cool! Juliette Cummings from Slumber Party Massacre II, Friday V and the quite underrated Psycho III, as noted here.

    Very cool gal. And mucho respecto for her teaching Espanol. I LOVE foreign languages and I plan to seriously study Spanish & as well immtermediate French in the near future. I hope to visit several Spanish language countries and I wanna come prepared. Very cool. I have a lot of respect for teachers in general, too. Many of them, if they're desurving of respect, are truly unsung heroes & heroines of the world.