Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back when I collected autographs from the cast I was in search of Jennifer Banko and never had any luck. I found about 4 or 5 Jennifer Bankos and all were not the correct one. I loved her in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III more than anything. This is a good find, though it was for sale on eBay for $30.  

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  1. Though I feel that Part VII was a giant piece of cinematic shit (really just a poorly reduxed with no child/Tommy Jarvis-like element & a Carrie clone written in, of course), it wasn't Jennifer Banko's fault. She (along with the late/great Jennifer Susan Sullivan) was one of the few mild graces of the film. A very nice, rare shot of her there my friend.

    The other day I listened to both blu ray discs of Crystal Lake Memories and she was at one point strangely thought dead as was The Final Chapter's mother before she sailed the world with her husband & then expatted abroad to Ireland!

    But nope, she (Jennifer Banko that is) was found off the mainland in Hawaii much like Part V's actor that played Junior and she was taped when a then recent trip of hers' to L.A. happened to coincide with the film makers wanting to interview her, which of course oddly worked out great.

    Again not a big fan of the film AT ALL. But she was a mild positive about her so she deserves some respect & kudos.