Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here's a great collection of (some) production photos from Friday the 13th: Part II and III on eBay. I won't say these are rare, but this one of Traci Savage is one I have never seen. The seller has a lot of other photos and there's a few here and there that are worth having.

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  1. Big thanks for posting these. I just looked over both auctions for Part 2 & 3-D. Indeed I've never seen that Tracie Savage one as well. It is nice, relatively obscure behind the scenes snipit of her.

    Very cool. She was so hot in that film. IF ONLY she had made soem more retro genre films. And she wasn't so obviously nervous & stilted during her nude sequence that only showed so much of her glorious hot water spewed onto them nipples.

    Okay that is enough of my perving rantings for today. lol Anyway cool.