Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A nice headshot of the sassy Anne "Annie" Gaybis, who's known to Friday the 13th fans as the lippy cashier at the general store in Part III. Gaybis is actually more known for being a singer and dancer and is still quite the looker today.


  1. I just checked that out. While I won't be paying for her signature online as I'm not into autogrpahs, I did check out her official site.

    She is a nice hottie with that nice cropped, Sharon Mitchell (foremr adult film star) "soft-butch" style hair style. I always loved that on women and dark hair is a minor fetish for me (hope that doen't reveal too much about me personality wise, heh heh). She has a nice skin tone, too.

    Intereting to read her filmography in order to see how many motion pictures she's got to be in. Quite a few that I've seen, I see! :D Congrats to her husband too, if she has one. He's quite the lucky gentleman.

  2. I hat eto keep on commenting but man oh man I simply CANNOT get over how overly atracted I am to large number of the Part 3-D (1982) female cast. :D

    With the acception of me only finding the actress the played the opening post-credit sequence character of "Edna", I pretty much wouldn't turn down a time machine 1982 while-still-shooting-the-movie in Saugus, California fuck/one night stand form any of'em. :D The three fmeale leads of Kimmel/Savage/Parks, especially. *wicked grin*. The almost forgotten Ms. Gaybis, too. :D
    Heh heh

    1. You calm down, Brandon, haha. Cheri Maugans (Edna) is actually really good looking out of Edna character. The old F13 site had a pic of her in a sitcom role and she was really beautiful. Looks like my friend Erin Mosier IRL. Gaybis did porno in the 80s, right- well enough said.

  3. Heh heh super silly moi, I know. :D
    *wicked grins*

    Yeah I seem to remember old pre-vamped site that yeah you did mention that "...and a lot of folks are gonna think that I'm royally fucked in the head & on crack-cocaine Belushi style for this, but I've always thought that Cheri Maugans was pretty damn hot" and then I seem to remember that ya linked a photo from the old Friday the 13th films dot com site.

    Ah I just Yahoo! Image searched her with I believe current hubby former television star David Carusso. And yes she looks MUCH nicer now as an oler lass so yeah, guess you can say that I dig her now without all of the older early '80s hot rollers in her hair. Heh heh :D

    And yes in that photo the lusicious lookin' Erik Mosier indeed looks like she would be headlining a "soft butch' set of Sharo Mitchell like adult films back when VHS & BETA were both coming up in North American prominance. lol Acutally since I love (no lie now) dated & absolute fashings of the last three decades I REALLY dig her look up there--no lie. For example I'd LOVE for mid '90s style mini skirts, that I feel are the perfect leangth to come back, even if I know in my super silly heart that they never will. :D

  4. By the way, i is awfully nice that you quote unquote "get my humor Jack my good friend. :D
    Heh heh.

    A LOT of folks online, through out the free world, would (unfortunately) take my posts PRETTY damn seriously. *grumble* I feel with us both being frm behind the Mason Dixon Line and with spending out youths/childhoods in the American South/Southern U.S. that has helped us.

    Mostly though I no longer for the last ecade now have any accounts on other other genre film blogs or message board sites, though--most are FAR too filled with draa, humorles poeople (largely for the mot part, now) and no good discussions and/or discussions that get out of hand or off topic very fast. Plus with my speed typing & limited online time I cannot be bothered to post eleven times a day on one in order to become some well-respected "gold" member or something. *shrug* PEACE! :D