Thursday, October 8, 2009

Horror movie review Thursday: Final Stab (2001)

"Angela's sister wants to make a revenge game up on her, inviting to mystery farm her old friends, to participate into a game with fake blood and knifes - but Angela and her disturbed boyfriend Charlie were not supposed to know about the fake part. But what starts as a little friendly game, get dark and bloody with real deaths - and sure, real blood and knifes."

The plot, in my opinion, was already done, but pretty unique. The plot alone kept me tuned in the entire movie-- it's an easy catch because we all want to know who did it! I am a sucker for movies like this good and bad, so it's really easy to be biased. It was released in Europe as Final Scream, so yeah-- name recognition before good content.

Sadly, the characters were very annoying, stupid and worthless- typical David DeCocteau characters; guys with no shirts, annoying females, the whole deal. The blood and gore was there, but very poorly done. The plot had more holes than the Titanic which of course makes the movie hard to focus on when you are constantly scratching your head! With that said, this movie became a guilty pleasure of mine- one that I have watched 3 times on Halloween since 2001!

The movie was supposed to be an homage to old slashers like Friday The 13th, which was even mentioned in the film, but I didn't see any resemblance whatsoever. I liked the story, it had potential to be well done. The identity of the killer was obvious even though you try to think "the obvious can not be- it's a trick!" It was either the most suspected or the least suspected, and in a way it was both. The movie was obviously very low budget. At one time two guys were talking on cell phones, but in reality they were just cordless phones. The blood was plentiful in a couple scenes, but we lacked gore and cuts. The one cut (a throat) that was shown was very poorly done. I could not relate to this cast at all, they were pretentious, rich coke heads. I really wanted to see them all die, so in essence the writer did his job.

Well, maybe not.

Typical DeCocteau flick, if you love him you'll probably dig this.

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