Friday, October 9, 2009

Very good Paul Kratka interview by Stone Cold Crazy blog!

Another great interview from the guy who did probably one of the two best Danny Steinmann interviews out there (the other is on I really enjoyed reading this interview, so enjoy!

JC: What other acting had you done before Friday the 13th Part III?

PK: Well, I had been studying privately in North Hollywood, studying acting and just scrambling around trying to get jobs. I was doing some on-camera spokesman work, some commercials, and had done a small part on General Hospital.

JC: That’s kind of interesting that you had mentioned General Hospital knowing you would eventually become a doctor.

PK: Now, the funny part of that story too is that when I went in to read for Friday the 13th, the casting director had told me that he had gone home one day at lunch, which he normally does not do. His wife, who normally doesn’t watch soap operas, happened to have it on the TV and it just happened to be that episode that I was on.

The rest is here.

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