Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FirstJason CD.

I saw that Dread-Central did a review on this, and since I have given it about 4 or 5 listens in the past week I thought I'd do the same. Anyways, a friend of mine sent me this a week or so ago saying that I would dig it. He digitized it (for my iPod) and gave it a listen one night when I was jogging at 12am (I really do that) and I have to say that I was a bit impressed. All belittling aside- I am a strong critic when it comes to music- I thought musically it was a pretty strong album. The rhythms and beat are very catchy and easy to get into, but there's still something to this album that makes it a bit... cheesy.

The CD that I was given has 8 tracks (not sure if it as a sampler, or what) some good, some bad, some cheesy. The intro track 'Jason Is Watching' was one of the tracks with a very catchy beat, but very cheesy and slightly dumb lyrics.

Sort of reminds me of that System Of A Down band-- not a fan of them either, but the change in tempos throughout the song sounded really good.
Red, Red, Red is personally my favorite, but other tracks like Soul Seller and Power From The Pain were pretty good. I have to say that my least favorites were the cheesy 'Jason' tracks. I understand the gimmick and all, but singing those songs sort of delegates FirstJason to playing conventions, in my opinion. Ari is a pretty talented musician, but needs to break away from the whole 'Jason Voorhees' gimmick with his music. I understand that the whole Friday The 13th fan crossover thing-- any talented musician can make it without a gimmick.

All, in all this CD was much better recorded and produced than the other FirstJason tracks I have heard. Musically everything is tight and the guitar riffs are catchy. I liked the synth in some of the songs and it all is put together really well. I would suggest a listen to this, but again... it's not for everyone. I presume that a lot of people may find the album nothing but a novelty. That's pretty tragic because some of the more cheesy tracks like 'Machete Is My Friend' (which is not all that bad) may get more rolled eyes than bobbing heads.

It's really hard to classify this CD; I have heard many references to heavy metal and punk, but I'd lean more to a numetal moniker than the others. Figure it out for yourself though- Amazon has this for sale at a reasonable price, so check it out.

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