Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friday The 13th DVD stills of the week.

The DVD stills this week are from Friday The 13th (1980), Part II & Part III. Basically, I sort of want to convey my opinion on a widely debated topic-- where is Crystal Lake? Some people will swear up and down that it's in Connecticut because of a latter (shitty) movie all of s sudden stating that Camp Crystal Lake is indeed in Connecticut. Then there are the very rare few who state that it's in Massachusetts because of the Eric Morse novels which put Crystal Lake in that state.

I am one of the individuals that say "first come, first serve" and say since Parts I - III put it in New Jersey that is where Crystal Lake is. Let's look at it this way; if the franchise ended at this point Camp Crystal Lake would indeed be in New Jersey, right? Correct!

Here are some (more than) subtle hints from those films.

Part I:
We see New Jersey both on Enos' truck, as well as on the cemetery which Enos and Annie pass.

Part II:
Again, we see New Jersey twice in this movie; when Sandra and Jeff are introduced the license place on the front of his truck is a Jersey plate. The very end of the movie the ambulance also has a New Jersey plate, coincidentally the exact plate that was on Jeff's truck which shows intent-- they intentionally wanted to make this set in New Jersey!

Part III:
Lastly, in the third installment we have a sign in the store where Shelly and Vera meet up with Loco, Ali and Fox. That store is set in Green Valley, California and the sign reads "Welcome to Green Valley, New Jersey", which again shows that the movie was intentionally set in New Jersey. It's really hard to debate these facts, right? Well, many people do!

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  1. HisNameWasBrandon,

    Indeed: I've also said New Jersey-set for years. Also, Joseph Zito used Garden State (New Jersey) plates for the Jarvis family car in Part IV.

    And yeah the super crummy Jason Goes to Shit (oops, Hell) tried to change a bit of things but I consider everything after Part VIII non-canon and more of an "add on" story, like a new comic book or graphic novel adaption, anyway.