Monday, February 2, 2009

Uncut Slaughter High coming to DVD 4/14/09!

Well, it's about fucking time! This is probably the last of the good unreleased on DVD slasher films aside from maybe Humongous and Town That Dreaded Sundown. This one is a long time coming, and it's surprising since this movie has a huge following and is actually really good.

From Shock Till You Drop:

Lionsgate Home Entertainment is trotting out the 1986 slasher film Slaughter High on DVD under a new banner: "The Lost Collection: The best movies you totally forgot about." Indeed.

The late Simon Scuddamore (who reportedly committed suicide shortly after the film's release) stars as a bullied young man who falls victim to an awful prank. He schemes to get back at his tormentors when he holds a fake high school reunion for them to attend. Soon, bodies begin to drop in grisly ways. The wicked hot Caroline Munro (Maniac) also stars.

Originally called April Fool's Day (because the reunion was set on April 1st), the film was forced to take Slaughter High because Fred Walton's picture starring Amy Steel beat them to the punch.

Look for Slaughter High on DVD April 14th. We've been informed the cut will indeed be the R-rated version.

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