Monday, February 2, 2009

Derek Mears: interviews Jason!

Derek Mears shooting Friday the 13th (2009)

How did you end up landing such a monumental role in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake?
The producers asked a lot of different industry professionals who they thought would make a good new Jason Voorhees and my name kept popping up. They called me in to be interviewed and I got the part. I am extremely lucky.

How did it feel to dawn the famous hockey mask?
It was absolutely amazing. Jason is my favorite horror icon and it was an honor to be able to put on the mask. I still get tingles in my arm when I talk about it.

I thought it was very nice to hear that Derek Mears' favorite icon is Jason! Hopefully that aspect really came through in his portrayal as Jason!

Get to know Mears, go ahead and read the rest of the interview!

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