Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freaked Director Alex Winter remakes The Gate in 3-D!

From Shock Till You Drop:

Winter Tackling The Gate Remake in 3-D?
Source:Production Weekly February 11, 2009

There's a new director on board the remake of The Gate and it's a perfect fit. According to Production Weekly, Alex Winter (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey) is tackling the redo of the hellish 1987 creature feature. Furthermore, he's doing it in 3-D.

Winter's been juggling an acting, writing and directing career for years since his "Bill" days. In '93 he helmed the FX-heavy comedy Freaked (a fave of mine) and Fever in '99. Recently he's been directing episodes of Ben 10 for the Cartoon Network. Winter's sensibilities seem ideal for The Gate's tale of three kids who open a portal to hell in their backyard.

Stephen Dorff starred in the original film directed by Tibor Tak√°cs.

Randall Cook was once attached to the redo, but as he told us in September, he was not pleased with the script and backed off the project.

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  1. There are lot of horror movies made but very little like Friday the 13th 2009 do you still remember the movie. Free movies is where I have read about the new remake. Still the revenge of mom continues as I saw, it will be entertaining movie yet again. Some have think it have left the interest but I don’t feel like that, for me it was still in a remaking position