Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A word from Eric Morse about his "bashers" !

A lot of people may not know that there are a small handful of people out there who are dead set on discrediting, ruining and smearing Eric Morse's reputation. These people have been relentlessly logging into forums, movie web sites and anywhere else to crap talk him and put his work down. Now, Eric may not be the best novelist out there but at the same time he has written some really good Friday The 13th young-adult oriented books; The Carnival, Road Trip, Jason's Curse and of course Mother's Day which had a full length fan film made based on it. Anyone interested in getting those books, give this a little read for information to where you can get them for next to nothing and still help out ole Mister Morse! While you are att it add him on MySpace- he goes by his true name William Pattison.

Hello Eric Morse fans,

Thought you might be interested in this.....

Well, it appears our old friends the Morse Bashers are at it again. How I know this is that I recently checked to check out how much my books are going for. I was amazed to see that the Amazon links on my online store, Curious Goods Shop, was showing that three of my books were going for only one penny each.

I immediately clicked one of the links and went to the Amazon page for the book. Indeed, I was surprised to see that a number of venders had lowered the price of my books to one penny. After a little checking I also noted that on these pages as well a Morse Basher had left a nasty review of the book.

Though I can't prove this I'm sure that a bunch of Morse Bashers have bought up a bunch of my books and are selling them at the insultingly low amount of one penny as a way of devaluing my books….

Well, I say bravo for them and bravo for you, the fans. You should thank The MorseEric Morse novel for exactly $4.00 all together including shipping and handling….What a deal!!!!

Now here is an even better way to send a message to the Morse Bashers and tell them what total idiots they are….buy your Eric Morse novel (for a penny) using one of the links through my online store Curious Goods Shop. Though in actuality I will get no commission for any of the one cent books, it will still be registered as sales for Curious Goods and more importantly for me. I know the Morse Bashers will love that…

So let's show the Morse Bashers that no matter what they try to do they can't bring Eric Morse or his books down….

Get your books at Curious Goods Shop in the Official Friday the 13th Merchandise section: Bashers for their stupidity. Thanks to them, those of you who have been looking to complete your collections of Camp Crystal Lake novels now have a fantastic opportunity.



  1. You have your facts the other way around. Morse is a cyberstalker who has had a history of hounding multiple women in the horror industry and has even posted as them under fake accounts in order to discredit them.

    A brief look at his blogs and a few internet forums will show in no uncertain fact that the man is certifiable.

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  3. That's odd, I am a member of many forums where people came came on (forums that he was/is not a member of) and talked shit, a lot of shit that he had no way to defend himself over.

    I have no clue what he is, or what he does, but I can say from personal observation that at least one person has went through extraordinary lengths to talk shit in any way they can. It's happened more than once and many people have witnessed this.

    At any rate, if you want to address me seriously, and have your words hold merit, try not doing it anonymously.

  4. Selling books on Amazon for 1 Cent isn't a hater thing; LOTS of books get priced that way--it's a business model (and very controversial among Amazon sellers). Personally, I think aggressive ramping down of prices sucks--I wrote a book about fan films called Homemade Hollywood that just came out 2 months ago, and the sellers already have it down to under $7.

    Here's how the penny books are explained in Amazon's seller forum at

    A seller lists a book for $.01

    Amazon collects $3.99 from the buyer and gives $2.66 ($.01 + $2.64 shipping allowance) to the seller. (The $1.35 'closing fee' is subtracted from the shipping allowance by Amazon)

    The seller is a ProMerchant, so doesn't pay the $.99 fee (but does pay $40 per month to be a ProMerchant).

    The 15% fee on 1 cent is zero.

    The seller pays $2.31 or $2.65 in postage for a 1 or 2 pound package (or less, if it is very light weight and can go First Class. Much less if the penny seller is high volume and uses Bulk Mail).

    The seller cost for the book is zero, because he got it for free somehow.

    The seller used recycled packing materials, so those cost nothing, too.

    The seller ends-up with $.35 (if it's 1 pound media mail) profit in a domestic shipment (a bit more if it's mailed using Bulk Mail).

    The seller is happy with his "profit".

    Amazon ends up with $1.35 from the shipping.

    Amazon is even happier than the seller.

  5. Hello people,
    Just wanted to say "hi" to anonymous. Is that you Elissa/Razorected? Or is it my #1 fan Wil Kieper?
    If it is you Wil, you've got a lot of nerve talking about stealing identities. You stole mine on Horror Movie Fans and opened threads under my real name. The fact is that your buddy Elissa Dowling used that identity stealing crap story in an incredibly lame attempt to cover her own ass. People honestly know the truth, if they want to admit it is another thing. And here is a truth that is backed by the fact of your hypocrytical posting here. You are the stalker and the identity thief. And, you are an ass because you attacked me when I was trying to help children with cancer. All this shows the caliber of person you are. Frankly you need to stop flapping you lips because all it does is make you look like a bigger ass....