Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great "Fatally Yours" interview with Adrienne King.

I rather liked this interview- it's nice to see Adrienne going more of these. It seems like a few years back any quality interview with her was few and far between. Go read the rest of this baby.

D: Then it probably was the His Name Was Jason where you’re holding some of them up. I like “dark art” to begin with. I really liked the “Stalking on 82nd St.”.
AK: 82nd St. was when it all happened, I was living there and yeah, my “dark art” was truly my psycho-therapy of sort if that’s a way to…It was back in the 80’s when people were not, uh, dealing with stalkers as being a reality. Which we all know now, they are truly a reality and horrible creatures to have in your life, especially if the authorities are not paying attention. You know, back then, people just didn’t think it was a big deal and so that’s how I dealt with it and thank God I had a canvas to work on. So I wasn’t taking it out on my walls.

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