Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fan film review: Leatherface vs. Jason

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I personally felt like this was one of the more creative versus fan films that I have seen. Pretty much right behind Notarile's Friday The 31st, Leatherface vs. Jason picks up right after Friday The 13th (1980) after a deranged Sawyer family member (Warden Sawyer) finds Jason in the woods of Crystal Lake- he brings him home gives him his infamous sack mask and pick axe and introduces him to Leatherface and history is made. Once Jason meets Leatherface, Leatherface gets a little jealous and annoyed and attacks Jason. There's a lot more to the film that I don't want to give away, it jumps from 1979 to modern day after about 10-15 minutes with modern versions of Jason.

Even for a low budget independent film director/writer Lionel Lopez really did well making the film look vintage with all of the set pieces- buildings, old tractors, cars, landscapes and such. It really did feel like it was shot in 1979 (with a DV camera of course). The movie kept my interest even though the modern interpretations of Jason really didn't look too good. The movies pace was good, with really good camera angles, cuts and clever editing.

It's reasonable to complain that Jason would not be so nice to Warden Sawyer, letting him pick him up in his truck and drive him (what would be 1,200 miles) back to Texas. I guess things like that are better left unaddressed in fan films. All in all I really dug the movie a lot and thought it was really fun for what it was worth.

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