Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fan film review: Living End

Living End isn't a great fan film by any means, however seeing what it came from it becomes a much more impressive little tidbit of a fan film. Someone watching this for the first time may think that more time and effort was put into the credits than the actual film, and in a way it may have been.

Director Jason Pavlik started this film as "test footage" for an upcoming fan film and ended up scrapping the idea for some reason or another. Enter Nicholas Michalak- Nick basically wrote another scene and acted it and made the film a good effort in my eyes. It's one of the older fan films out there, not much of a plot, yet another portly Jason with a very bad flannel that's glued to a machete and of course no blood or gore.

Not a lot can be said about this fan film except that it is a good attempt with good post production. We will never know what this film could have been is Jason and Nick would have shot the film they had intended, but at least we have this short- it's well worth the few minutes of running time so give it a watch.


  1. This was interesting to find. Thanks for giving this a little bit of extra life. Jason & I have long since parted ways, and I've severed my ties with him. However, I've continued with filmmaking and other video production endeavors since 2005 as RavensFilm Productions. Feel free to check out what I've since accomplished from this sort of slapped together VHS camcorder fan film.

    1. Hey Nick, I just wanted to say that Living End is one of the fan films that inspired me to make one. I recently watched a different edit that you made, where you did some split scene/masking and I dug it.

      This review was written by another contributer to this site - an old school contributor.

      I forgot this was even up. Thanks for commenting.

      And yes, I have been to your site. Good work on films.