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Brad Fuller talks Friday The 13th Part II.

From Bloody-Disgusting:

With Friday the 13th arriving in theaters everywhere on February 13th, we caught up with Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller who talked with Bloody-Disgusting exclusively about the film, its potential sequel, the status on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and even touches on FREDDY VS JASON 2. You can read all of the juicy details beyond the break or click the title above for over 40 hi-res stills.

It’s the nature of the beast to talk sequel, but put it in the back of your head until the first film comes out. Obviously a flop means the end of what could have been a sweet franchise, while a box office massacre will get a sequel greenlit nearly immediately (unless of course you’re talking about FREDDY VS JASON). Fuller chatted with us about his ambitions for a sequel to FRIDAY THE 13TH.

“I think that if the movie does well, were are all interested in going back to Camp Crystal Lake and making another one,” Fuller tells Bloody-Disgusting in an exclusive interview. “We had a great time and we have Derek [Mears] (Jason Voorhees) for another movie. We would love to work with him again, but we won’t make any plans set in stone until we see if the fans respond well to the one we just did.”
Assuming FRIDAY kills the box office competition, Fuller explains that their A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot is a priority over a sequel to FRIDAY.

“NIGHTMARE will come first, were gearing up to start that movie [now],” explaining that a director announcement is forthcoming. “We’re hopeful to announce a director in the next two or three weeks. Once that happens, we’re going to try and move ahead and start to get that movie going first. I believe that NIGHTMARE is the next movie were shooting and were hoping to shoot that in April/May in Chicago.”

The next FRIDAY film will in fact be the 13th of the franchise. So far quality control comes before gimmicks – and again, the success dictates the how big they can go on a sequel.

“We don’t know what it would be, because we don’t know the level to which this one will work. The most important thing is the story – it won’t be more epic because it’s the 13th one, it’s important to us to maintain the quality like we have in this one. We want to have great actors, a lot of fun and great scares, that’s what we set out to do.”

In Sean Cunningham’s original FRIDAY THE 13TH, the ending is a dream sequence that may or may not have set up a sequel to the film (depends who you ask). Fuller explains that the reboot is a stand alone, but implies that Jason’s return is imminent.

“The same way that we didn’t go into TEXAS CHAINSAW trying to have a sequel there, I don’t think were looking to the end of this movie to set up a sequel,” he explains. “We want the story to stand on its own and we want the audience to leave satisfied. Again if it does well, well all come up with a great way to go back to Crystal Lake.”

Now that Platinum Dunes is taking on FRIDAY THE 13TH and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, could they be thinking about a sequel to FREDDY VS JASON?

“No, we haven’t really thought about doing FREDDY VS JASON,” he explains, “I just don’t have a handle on how we’d do that movie. I don’t know exactly what Freddy [Krueger] is going to be yet, and until I know what Freddy is I can’t commit until I know who is playing Freddy and how that pans out. But we haven’t thought about that at all. This is the first time I’ve thought about it at all.”

Anyone who walks outside and passes a bus or billboard can see how much New Line Cinema believes in this film. For those of you who are couch potatoes, it’s impossible to miss the TV Spots. This could be big, and assuming it is, you might want to mark your calendars as here are three of the next Friday the 13th dates New Line will want to lock down for Jason’s return to Crystal Lake.

-November 13, 2009 (highly doubtful)
-August 13, 2010 (if H2 does well in August, could be very likely)
-May 13, 2011 (if we wait this long, I’d be nervous it won’t happen).

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