Friday, January 30, 2009

Ron Millkie interview from 2004.

This is an interview- well chat- I had with Ron in late 2004.

sCabbOy: How long have you been involved in acting, and how did you get into it?
Ron Millkie: My old acting teacher Sanford Meisner always said "actors are born ,not made' This was evident in my case. In grade school I was the class clown and would spend hours devising schemes and chaos to disrupt the class. Later I was able to direct this behavior into a need to act. Did some plays ln high school and with a theatre company while in the Air Force. Upon discharge I returned home(Windsor, Ct) and worked for a while as a radio DJ. I auditioned for a summer stock production of "West Side Story" and met some New Yord actors who convinced me to try my luck in in big city.

sCabbOy: I once read that the character "Officer Dorf" from Friday The 13th was not originally scripted, and was an idea of a crew member. Do you know if this is true?
Ron Millkie: Yes, I think it was written by the director Sean Cunningham and his AD Steve Minor (who went on to direct Friday The 13th 2 and 3).

sCabbOy: I see you work out and keep in shape, did the casting call of Officer Dorf require a big, strong man?
Ron Millkie: To tell you the truth, there really weren't any size requirements for the role.

sCabbOy: Since I am asking about "Officer Dorf", did you already know how to ride a motorcycle, or did you have to be taught?
Ron Millkie: Yes, he had to be taught- Dorf was not a motorcycle man, in fact when you see Dorf pull away that's not me on the motorcycle.

sCabbOy: How was it working with Kevin Bacon in Friday The 13th?
Ron Millkie: Kevin Bacon was a trip. During filming he started to walk over to my motorcycle, I'm thinking what in the hell is he doing? This was not in the rehearsal we just did with Sean (Cunningham). So I followed him over watching him like a protective hawk and with no dialogue made it clear like.. "hey where you goin'.boy??", It worked. I know he was going places after that. Any young actor who takes a risk like that had something going for him.

sCabbOy: Were you ever asked to come back to reprise your role as Officer Dorf? Would you ever, if asked?
Ron Millkie: No, never (was asked) but you bet I would.

sCabbOy: You recently finished filming the movie "Satan's Playground", how was it working with horror icons such as Felissa Rose, Ellen Sandweiss and Ediwn Neal?
Ron Millkie: I had no idea who they were. In the hoding area I saw a pretty girl all hunched over and through imaginary circumstances was dredging up fear, horror actually and tears! I knew what she was doing... preparing for her oncoming scene where she is running in the woods for her life. It was Felissa Rose and I was impressed. Ellen Sandweiss and I had a short scene together so I got to know her a little better. Totally professional and what a trooper. We were filming in 6 degrees below zero (no exaggeration, ask anyone connected with that film) It just happened to be the coldest Januarys in like 20 years and here we were wearing light clothes filming in the Jersey Pine Barons at 3 A.M! I never met (Edwin)Neal but Dorf is looking for anyone connected to that "chain saw weirdness".

sCabbOy: Have you begun filming Danielle's Revenge yet? Anything you would like to share?
Ron Millkie: It's still in pre-production.

sCabbOy: How often are you noticed out in public? Has anyone ever noticed you and made a scene?
Ron Millkie: As far as I know I've never been recognized on the street. I mean I'm not like a recognizable name but thanks for the compliment!

sCabbOy: Finally, you seem to sign alot of autographs for fans. How many autographs on average do you sign in a week's time? What is the weirdest thing you have signed?
Ron Millkie: I love this question. Unfortunately, this is a family interview and I can't answer that question. Call me the next time your in town and will have a few Coor's and a couple of laughs! I do get a lot of request for signed pictures every week. also, more and more people have been checking out my website as well.

sCabbOy: Anything else you'd like to add so I can stop bothering you?
Ron Millkie: Check out my website! It's only been up about two weeks. Check it out.

sCabbOy: Will do, thanks for your time!
Ron Millkie: Thanks guys. Your buddy, Officer Dorf!

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  1. I think Ron is a great teacher, I have learned so much from taken his classes more people should takes notes when this guy is teaching, he takes him time with you and he is willing to go the extra mile.....

    ps. Thanks Ron you're the best"