Thursday, January 29, 2009

Betsy Palmer cries foul over new Friday The 13th.

From Shock Till You Drop:

The woman whose on-screen killing spree would kick off over twenty-five years of Jason Voorhees films, Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees to you, punk), is speaking out on the new Friday the 13th which opens in theaters February 13th. And what she has to say isn't surprising.

Palmer admits:

"Well, I don't watch [the original], in all the 30 years, I think I've watched it four times. I've never seen the other films and I will undoubtedly not watch the new one. I can't imagine why they made a new film."
Palmer is aware she has been succeeded by a new Mrs. Voorhees, as played by Nana Visitor, in the upcoming film. In fact, the presence of "mother's voice" in the early trailers had her reaching for the telephone.

"I was just called about the trailer because someone was asking if that's my voice because I never gave permission," she explains. "We had to contact a lawyer at Paramount. They called me and asked to listen to it. I know my own voice if I heard it and it's most definitely my voice, they snipped it and put it in the trailer. I was told as of yesterday it isn't being being shown any more. They claim they found someone to imitate my own voice.
Indeed, there have been reports on the web that place Kathleen Garrett as the narrator hired by the studio to voice the trailer. It would appear Garrett was so good she fooled even Palmer. We've put a phone call in to Platinum Dunes to get clarification on all of this. Undoubtedly, it's just harmless confusion.

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