Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rapin' Jason: The Friday The 13th clones.

So, in the 1980's a lot of people made a lot of money on taking the Friday The 13th formula and applying it to their script. Most of these "homages" ended up being pretty good and unique in their own way. Then, it seems like in the 1990's and 2000's a lot of movies took that formula and then some- pretty much cloning Jason himself. Here's a few that are actually tolerable in their own way.

#5 The Dark Woods: This movie plays a lot more like a fan film than anything else, and realistically is nothing more than that. The killer wears a camouflage hockey mask but that's not where the similarities end. The killer's mother's name is Pamela, who is also tied in with the murders. The heroine is an artist, much like Alice in Part I and so on. The movie is entertaining, but low budget and not very well produced. Sub Rosa Studios released this and I am sure it's still available.

#4 Memorial Day: Okay, this one is a bit more original than Dark Woods, however this movie is nothing but a blatant plagiarism of Friday The 13th; a retarded kid drowns on Memorial Day and many years later murders start up at the camp where he died. Yes, and the killer wears a hockey mask- a cheap glow in the dark variety covered with paper mache. This movie made me laugh pretty bad, the cast is hideous, but the gore is pretty well done. Maverick released this and you can get it for like a buck used on

#3 The Undertow: When I first bought this one I expected it to be an incoherent calamity like a lot of Sub Rosa flicks. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie- it's nasty and the killer is a brutal 7'4" Jason II clone. This movie has it's fair share of blood and guts and a pretty cool plot. It's a Wicked Pixel joint directed by Jeremy Wallace.

#2 Camp Slaughter/Camp Daze: I should have out this first- for being a straight-up Friday The 13th ripoff, it was pretty damn original. The movie ripped of everything from the title credits, score and even kills! The movie is great and really captures a 1980 atmosphere from the wardrobe to the dialog used. The movie has a pretty interesting plot twist about half way through. I really dug this movie a lot and recommend it to fans of the franchise. Scream Kings released this and is still available.

#1 Bloody Murder/Bloody Murder 2: Yeah, the Bloody Murder movies are low budget, generic and nothing more but rip-offs, but there's just something about these movies that I love. I'm not sure if it's the 1980's feel these movies captured, the story or the girls. Each movie had pretty hot female cast, as well as nice blond heroines. Part 2 is nothing more than a better remake of Part 1, but the movies do have some pretty good plot twists. The killer, Trevor Moorhouse wears a hockey mask in Part 1, but has a more original outfit in Part 2.

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