Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fan film review: Jason's Revenge

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Friday The 13th: Part 3, Jason's Revenge by Delmerio Morgado is one of the better put together fan films, but there's just something about this one that I did not like. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Parts I-V, where paranormal, supernatural and immortal elements to Jason were all but non-existent. Jason's Revenge pretty much plays on the fact that Jason is an entity of hell, something that I never liked. For some reason it's hard for me to take a slasher film seriously when it introduces things like hell and space.

There's just so much of this film that I did not like- way too many establishing shots for scenes, too many transitions, fades, etc. Things like that just really mess the flow up for me. At times the movie is fantastic, but most of the time abysmal. I really hate beating fan films up, because they are just fan films, but man... this was bad. The gore and deaths were horribly done, and why do some deaths have to be shown in many different angles? Where's the blood in some of these kills? What made these work in the original films was the fact that they were fast. I also hate the fact that some dude had to chant from some silly book to try and stop Jason with a fucking magic dagger- what the fuck?

Okay, Jason himself; I will try and not rant about this, but forgive me if I do. What I hate the most is that every Jason in these films has to be a Kane Hodder clone... I am so fed up with seeing short, fat people in crappy (and this one was crappy) Jason suits breathing hard with his arms half-way raised. It makes him look like a mad gorilla and it looks stupid even when Hodder did it. At least they had Jason taking his hockey mask from some hockey player walking in the deep woods- that's original- almost as original as the crappy sword fight with Jason at the end.

In short, for a fan film it's a little less than average and I reckon it's a good effort. I personally disliked it as it was pretty much everything I hate in a Friday The 13th film. Be creative, be original and Jason- lose that fucking machete!

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