Monday, September 21, 2015

A Band Named Death Curse...

There's apparently a band out of Missouri called Death Curse. The album art of their self-titled release depicts an unmasked Jason Voorhees hunting a would-be victim. It's obviously heavily Friday the 13th influenced, but not the gimmick rock of Ari Lehman's First Jason. In fact, this album rips ass and is pretty heavy shit. 

It's released on Razorback Records, and here's a teaser for the album. 


  1. Not bad at all. Though I must confess: as I am not a huge Indie Metal Head, a lot of those samples flew a bit over my head, but I DID enjoy the final musical track form that video sample, though. It had a nice Iggy & The Stooges old school, traditional Punk feel to it. Very oddly nice. Plus I liked that sound sample from Part 3-D at the end as well too.

    Just re-looked over the cover and while I don't like the somewhat "generic zombie" look of the unmasked Jason or the balloon titted implants on the cartoon girl that looks more at home in a New Line Cinema instalment, I do like its coloring, the mask & machete plus the Crazy Ralph peeking around the corner of a tree. Just now caught that, too cool.