Friday, August 28, 2015

Kimberly Beck in Zuma Beach (1978)

Zuma Beach is a made for TV movie, starring Rosanna Arquette, P.J. Soles and Suzanne Somers. Not a bad flick at all, and you get to see Kim in a bikini! It was surprisingly entertaining, with a lot of 70s era beach antics.

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  1. Ah very nice pic & story as per always my friend. I love me some of Kimberly Beck's youthful cinema (past movies) and I would like to see this one in the near-future one of these days. ;-) Must say I also love that cast and never knew that PJ Soles was also in a film with her; too cool! :D

    By the way in keeping up with the last two or three years trend of having the Paramount Pictures era stars in commercials, here is a May from this year one with Part VIII's Kelly Hu in a recent amusing & sensual Viagra (!!!) spot:

    Enjoy my good man!

    ~ Brandon