Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jason headed to the CW?

Rumors floating around from Deadline.com has hinted that there may be a Friday the 13th TV series in the works on the CW. While I really don't care much for a TV series based around Jason, this one seems to be a tad more interesting as it is said to be "grounded in reality." I can get behind that!

"I hear that in the series reimagines the masked Jason with a stronger feel of grounded reality. Described as a sophisticated, horror/crime thriller, the potential Friday The 13th series is about the ongoing quest of a detective’s search for his missing brother that is somehow tied to Jason Voorhees, a long thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake." Read the rest


  1. Agreed. Honestly I don't watch modern television; I was never a so-called "huge" TV hound once the early 2000s kicked up around '01 or so and so-called 'reality television' (super sadly) too over. Television not long after here in North America became a wasteland.

    Honestly I just like large chunks & set pieces of the first five Paramount Pictures installments and such. Not much after that. Unless a trailer online for this series is super addictive looking and much more impressive then the description would sound, then indeed, count me out. Entertainment-wise I merely watch two back catalog title films twice a week or so. Television is a wasteland, as I stated above.

    ~ Brandon