Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Franchise Loses Another Actor

Irwin Keyes, known for being such a sweetheart guy passed away today at age 63. While he did not have a large role in Friday the 13th (1980), he was very well known at franchise gatherings and conventions - and known for his role in the Rob Zombie shit flick House of 1,000 Corpses.

Rest in peace, Irwin.

Keyes died of acromegaly, a rare pituitary gland disorder, his manager Phil Brock confirmed to EW. He had been in a rehabilitation center for the past few months. - Entertainment Weekly


  1. Note* This is Brandon or HisNameWasBrandon, signed in on my Google+ account.

    Anyhow may he truly RIP. God speed & be with him. Too bad as he wasn't a super older gentleman as I presumed that he was (and it seems around right as he looked around 28 or 29 around the time of Friday the 13th's 1879 filming as well too). Prayers with him & his family from me as I have Faith.

    I never really attended conventions because I wanted a positive member of horror genre cast members as well as writer/directors not shrugging me off with a cold shoulder merely because I am not down for them prostituting themselves out for autograph hounds' desperate money if 'ya ask me and because of my Asperger's Syndrome makes me none too sociable to me honest, but from all accounts he was a nice gentleman compared to many that attends those things.

    I also smiled at the smirking knock at Zombie's first feature. I oddly enough re-watched it last year when I got the blu ray. I never disliked it greatly and would give it a solid six out of ten for a nice time killer/genre film. I can watch The Devil's Rejects too but that is all from writer/director RZ after that. His Lords of Salem honestly left me pissed off; was the last film of his I bought. Not counting him pimping out his wife's supple ass with on-screen nudity I would have given it an even lower rating.

    Note# Mr. Keyes was also in Rob's groove metal hit music video for "Feel So Numb" which appeared on his The Sinister Urge album & his other hit compilations of note.

  2. Irwin told me that Sean said to him while directing that it is a Guess WHO type movie and Irwin would be one of the main suspects because of how intimidating he looked in that scene.