Friday, February 27, 2015

Rare Photo of Jason II Jerry Wallace

For all those Friday the 13th marks out there. It's a behind the scenes photo of Friday the 13th: Part II's production assistant/Jason Voorhees Jerry Wallace. Wallace was used in the opening kill of Alice, the kills of Vickie and Jeff. I believe that he also killed the cop and did the running clips of that scene.

This is from the collection of Crash.


  1. Whoa too cool!! Too cool to finally see the semi-obscure Jerry Wallace, the infamous left-handed "stand in" before Steve Daskawisz stepped in. BUT (and don't quote me on it), I think it was just one full week of shooting cause of Gillette the liar lying on his first two or three days of what very little filming he did.

    So I believe those shots of him trasping 'around the woods, those visible shots of the sedentary lifestyle, overweight patrolman was killed because Steve was hired after just three or four days of needing a new Jason to be credited and he talked about having to wear a drugstore eye patch & to "jog 'round the woods" to get into the character in the "ill fitting low cut dress boots", so yeah, I believe it was him.

    Regardless I still like & respect Mr. Wallace for being on set for several of the kills. Also as we all know the costume designer, Ellen Lutter was the opening foot steps for an evening of shooting Alice's opening kill too because again at that point, no real Jason Voorhees actor/stuntman had been casted at that point, I believe.

    Too cool to finally feel him. Looks like a nice enough, average set gentleman with coal-black hair. I presume he still lives in Kent, Ct where they filmed Friday Part 2 (1981) plus Meir Marchi's I Spit on Your Grave (aka: Day of the Woman). Seems like a nice enough cool dude.

  2. Love any Part 2 on location stuff! Credit to Laurie-Marie Taylor for appearing to tough it out!

  3. Wow, this really threw me for a loop! I always thought that Carl Fullerton did the double impalement scene, since he's pictured wearing the costume while applying makeup to the dummy on top of Kober.

    1. I think Carl may have. Jerry may have also filled in, as well. Or better yet, Carl did the impaling because he needed it to be perfect - much like Savini donned the Jason attire to kill the hitchhiker in Part 4, or killing Kevin Bacon in 1. It's not uncommon for SFX artists to do kills that have to be done perfect.

    2. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Fullerton's hands for the insert impalment shot and Wallace for Vickie's death. This would also explain who the left handed Jason with the bruised thumbnail was. Quite remarkable revelations nearly 34 years later!

  4. he did the crazy ralph kill too look at the hands