Friday, November 21, 2014

Part III Behind the Scenes Photos

These are some really cool photos from an unknown publication of Dana Kimmell and Paul Kratka in Friday the 13th Part III. If anyone knows of the publication these came from, post it in the comments.


  1. First, AWESOME find my good man! Also, second pic identified my good friend. Appear to be a colorless B&W version of the unearthed mega rare alternate/deleted ending to Part 3-D.

    A color version is here of it in that very same exact pic that you just showed:

    As for the top one: It is of course a B&W one of behind the scenes "staying warm" that we've all seen. Though sadly I have of no idea from which site or personal collection or publication it comes from, sorry bro. Stay cool! :)

  2. No idea on photo credit.
    But is it true that Dana Kimmell altered production by complaining about the violence & exploitative elements?
    I haven't read the books (Grove & Bracke) in a while so I can't remember if it was addressed.
    If it was true, what details are known?

    1. I think the story was that she did not want Chris to have had sex with Rick when they were at the waterfall talking. She didn't think it was the right fit for the character, and of course not a fit for her personal morals.

  3. The lovely Dana Kimmell. So cute!
    I wish there was some footage of that alternate ending :(

  4. I have the book, the documentary on blu ray plus the kindle ebook version and yes, Dana Kimmell is still a practicing Mormon to this day so it was against her beliefs which is cool; I am a Catholic/Christian so all are super fine with me. **shrugs**

    Also be on the look out, to our own dearest Jack. I saw The Final Chapter's E. Erich Anderson in a recent commercial for some anti-std drug but I'm sorry I forgot it but its most definitely him and I saw it twice in one month, so sorry I am forgetting it now!! Dammit maybe I'll find it in, no worries ;-)

  5. Found it bro!! Here is E. Erich Anderson's new commercial, barely two months old by the way: