Saturday, September 6, 2014

UGH! A Cheerleader Camp Sequel?

This may sound bitter, but I am so tired of these revival films exploiting old franchises and movies to capture the old audience with a new, shitty, film using the name for sales. We see this all the time and 95% of the time the movies are unwatchable.

Check out the Facebook page for it.

The most recent has been Cheerleader Camp: To The Death, a movie starring Jennifer Banko (okay, the movie may be watchable just for her!) and Ari Lehman. 

The movie was written by Christian Sellers, who seems to be a really cool guy, and John Klyza (didn't he used to make masks?), so the script may at least be worthwhile. But in the end, the movie looks cheap and simply bad.

I am an absolutely huge fan of Cheerleader Camp (1988) and I really never cared to see a sequel to it – definitely not nearly 30 years after the fact on digital cameras. They could have at least got Leif Garrett to come back! They at least got Betsy Russell to do the "sort of" sequel Camp Fear!


  1. Hey there Jack ole' friend,

    Indeed the name John Klyza sounds familiar as he used to run Friday the 13th films after a while plus he sued to run Sleepaway Camp as well, too. He is based out of Sydney, NSW Australia I believe. He is sometimes a nice guy I used to talk to online MANY years ago but also sometimes badly wore his emotions on his sleeves. Of course haven't talk to him in years so no quotes from me, please. lol

    Anyway indeed: I don't care for the appearance of Ari "Gimmie $20!" Lehman or even the lovely & blonde Jennifer Blanko, shall still probably not get me to buy this one, so sorry to its film makers.

    I don't mind only collecting retro horror these days compared to modern stuff. Indeed: None of the big name franchise reboots have ever really grabbed me so far these days & indeed most are super shitty. This redux most certainly appears to be just that.

    Must say Jennifer Banko is aging well. Quite the lovely gal...

    1. Ah, yeah, I knew that I knew the name.

      I just think that we need to stop using these old school classics in DTV shit fests and ruining the name. The Day of the Dead remake is PRIME example.

  2. Oh well you sounded a bit dumb-founded. Its cool bro no harm/no foul. :)

    And yes I agree as I wrote up top. Another great post here as per always. Ah yes: The steaming pile of shit that is the '05 produced Steve Miner Day of the Dead: I also own that on blu rya and accept with some fine shots of Mena Suvari's supple ass in military issue attire I can barely get through that hastely re-written, shit heep of a movie. In general I am also not the right/nicest guy to ask about genre film remakes as well too, since I have honestly never been a fan of roughly any of them produced here now. Right on, bro.

  3. JasonHarrisonNicholsSeptember 20, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Is this serious??????

  4. this will suck too just like ari

  5. I am the director, and for the record, I grew up a life long fan of 80's horror and adore the original. We made this out of love and respect for the original story, not a cheap "cash in", because believe it or not, indie horror doesn't make the director rich. This was shot on digital, because shooting on film is practically impossible for an indie feature, so we used our budget on location and good gory death scenes. I too HATED the "Day of The Dead" remake. This isn't one of those types of films, and I'm not one of those kinds of Directors. I am a HUGE HORROR FAN like the rest of you. Give me a little credit, I assure you, I'm the kind of guy you want to make these flicks, not some mega corporate company like Platinum Dunes. They doesn't respect the originals, I do. Give it a chance, maybe you'll discover it to be more than you thought, here is the new trailer: